Thanks to the Masters tournament this weekend, I managed to finish this blanket. I’ve even got the end woven in.

I’ve decided that I’m not buying any more yarn for now even if it is on sale. Right now I seem to make about 1 blanket a month plus various hats, and the occasional scarf ….I don’t regret my purchases, I love finishing a project and having the supplies here to choose from for the next one but my yarn stash is large enough to keep me crocheting and knitting for several years (or more) and I’m running out of storage space. I’ll start with a goal of not buying any more yarn the rest of this year and hope I have the willpower to extend it into next year. Wish me luck holding firm to my resolution.

Now I’m off to find my next project!


  1. I ran out of storage space for my yarn, too. I keep everything in large see-thru Sterlite 56 qt. plastic bins and they do take up a lot of room. I had my daughter come over a couple of weeks ago to help me clean out the hoarding. We packed up all the yarn and donated it to a local hospice thrift store. The only yarn I kept were the Caron Cakes. I love working with it. No pilling or splitting no matter how many times I rip something out when I’m experimenting with patterns. It makes soft blankets with nice drape. She’s always got friends and relatives that need a baby gift. Between my stash of Caron Cakes crochet baby blankets, self-binding flannel blankets or your famous strippie blankets, I’ve always got a good selection on-hand.

  2. This shell stitch is the same pattern that I’ve had for over 45 years, I’ve generally made it in two colors. Your blanket is beautiful. Like you with yarn, I decided that I won’t buy any more fabrics from quilt stores. I have a Savers thrift store that sells beautiful fabrics for very little cost and if I find good fabrics that I know I’ll use, then I will buy it. I also have good wool yarn for socks but I’ve never knitted a pair of socks in my life! I think I’ll find something else to knit it for, maybe a shawl?

  3. Beautiful colors! Good luck with your resolution! I am trying that with fabric and have done pretty well. I have only slipped up a couple of times so that is not bad…lol.

  4. Beautiful! I’m still crocheting on my Linen Stitch afghan. Almost finished. I want to crochet a border around it though—I’ve never tried the cotton cakes as I’ve been concerned how it wash and dry? What are your thoughts on that?

  5. So pretty in those soft colors. I hope you do better on your yarn diet than I have on my fabric diet lately. I’ve made some random purchases lately just because I liked the fabric. Retail therapy I guess.

  6. I am not being good with my plan to not stockpile yarn. That train has left the station. But I’m really going to try not to wind up with a lifetime worth. I love this blanket. I haven’t tried the Caron Cotton but I’m really liking the Caron Baby Cakes. It’s very easy to work with. I need to take a break though. My hands are suffering because I’ve been crocheting way too much. I’m going to attempt to take the weekend off from it…..I don’t expect to be successful.

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