This is going to take a while

I decided I wanted to knit the next blanket but I’ve got a stressful few months coming up so I needed something mindless. Knit blankets always take longer than crochet ones – at least they do for me but I have a feeling this one is going to take even longer than usual. Typically, I usually just knit baby size blankets but this one is larger at 44 x 60. I may cut that down a few inches … we’ll see. This is stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border so I hope I don’t get bored but I really wanted something I could pick up and put down without any thought or needing to refer to a pattern. And I was ready to knit something. I need to remember that it’s not a race and that it’s OK if some projects take longer than others.


  1. A Quaker at our Sociology of Religion class gave a talk once about their beliefs. She said they pray an hour about various issues but if they are in stress, they pray two hours. Most people don’t pray even an hour. I find that if I pray while knitting, driving, sewing, I feel better. Your mindless knitting can be an avenue for you to pray during your stressful days ahead. We can pray for you too.

  2. That is a lovely start. I agree with Joyful above – the project can be a slow steady journey. And hopefully the stress you are anticipating will be minimalized.

  3. This will be so pretty–I especially like the garter stitched borders…using the striping yarns will be fun and keep it from getting too boring i think–altho’ I like regular knit/purl a lot…or did when I could knit…hugs, Julierose

  4. Such nice soft colors. The change of colors might make this knitted blanket go by faster. Is that a 3 ply yarn ? How long will you be in Florida this time? The deer must feel safe in you yard! Have a safe trip back!!

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