We head back to Tampa tomorrow and I did get out for a 4.3 mile hike today in between a few house chores. It’s gotten so green here just in the last week – spring has arrived! I also managed a little quiet knitting time listening to an audio book.

9 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I love the new spring greens — trees, bushes. Ours have not yet started but will soon. I hope you have an easy and calm drive back without rain.
    You mentioned a stressful few months ahead. I hope that doesn’t involve health. Regardless, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Be safe in your travels. Beautiful pictures and so calming. I, too, wondered about the stress you will be facing. Praying all will be well.


  3. Such pretty scenery! That scenery would make it so much more pleasant to get out and walk. Safe travels this week!


  4. Your hike looks absolutely beautiful.
    You talked about going through a stressful time. I don’t need to know what is happening. Just praying for peace of mind and heart as you go forward.


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