Here’s one of my early quilts made in the first year I was quilting. Almost from the beginning I wanted to adapt or draft my own quilts and thanks to the Electric Quilt software I was able to do that. Here’s my EQ drawing of a Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt.

And here is the quilt I made. Quilted on my domestic machine too. Not too bad for someone who had been sewing less than a year!

I’d almost forgotten where this quilt went… it was given to my Mother-in-law to gift to her sister Trudy. One thing that I LOVE is that through the years I can always tell WHERE we were living from the photos of the quilts. The fence out front at our Pembroke Pines Townhouse was perfect for photographing quilts.


  1. I have never mastered the EQ program that I have. It seems cumbersme to me, and I guess I have not worked hard enough to get it.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt for a beginner. Your piecing looks beautiful. I saw your picture from 21 years ago and you were a stunner!

  3. From the very beginning you were just great. Obviously you have a natural talent for creating and sewing!

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