Day 2

I had to run Finn to the vet for a routine vaccine today and sort through 2 weeks of mail but the rest of the afternoon was spent organizing the yarn closet. After sorting and combining like yarns in project type bins … hats, blankets, scarves… I ended up with 15 bins. I probably could have decreased that by one bin but I didn’t feel like going through the miscellaneous bin skein by skein. For now it will go to Big Canoe and I’ll discover what’s in there later.

I also sorted through more of the backup photos. I drafted this log cabin variation in Electric Quilt in the first couple years I was quilting and made it twice. One was donated and one was given to my Mother-in-law.

I also ran across some old photos of Chesty. I won’t share them all but I think he was waiting for us to turn on the fire!


  1. yep he sure looks like he is patiently waiting for some heat!. Such a sweetie.

  2. Good morning Mary. It is snowing lightly here this morning, and the new leafing has a white skiff of snow. It won’t last, and is pretty to look at.
    I was wondering what size these blocks are? I could perhaps use some of my strip scraps for a cozy throw size.

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