Day 3

Another big task completed today … the library shelves were cleaned, decorative items for donation have already gone to the Salvation Army along with a pickup truckload of other stuff. Keith also went to the dump with some larger items and old paint … wonder how many more trips he’ll have to make before this is over? I’ve got books in 3 other places that I still have to go through but these were pulled off the library shelves for donation today. Most of them are quilting and other craft books. While I’ve always donated books when we’ve moved, it’s the first time I’ve cleaned out my quilt and craft books but I’m still keeping plenty of them too. We have two bookshelves from the Minneapolis townhouse that will end up downstairs in my space. These bags are heavy! Good thing Keith will be the one to carry them to the car and to the library to donate them. I think I’ll plan to finish up with all the book sorting tomorrow so he can get them donated in one trip.

Keith just left to get his second Pfizer shot now and Adam reports he got his first shot today in Georgia. Can’t wait until we’re all fully protected!


  1. That’s a lot of books – you’re going to make a lot of people happy reading them 🙂

  2. Whoa, that is a huge stash of quilting books. I rarely buy books anymore as I have found patterns to download meet my needs now. Some quilters will be very happy to get your books though. I have my Pfizer vaccines completed, but we have new “thing” happening in Sonoma County. Over 40 “breakthrough” cases of Covid with fully vaccinated people. That scares me. So, makes you wonder if the vaccine is as good as they say. I’m still very cautious if I go to the grocery or get gas, or anywhere really. Once I asked my doctor last Fall if she thought Covid would be over soon, and when. She said very seriously 3 to 5 yrs. At the time I didn’t want to believe her….now, I’m thinking she is telling the truth. I was into her office a few weeks ago for a wellness check and she said the good news is that she has only seen 5 cases of the Flu this year! Hand washing, distancing and masks has certainly had an effect on the flu.

  3. I had some of the same books as you are donating, I can see the covers. This past year when we were all staying at home, I started going through my quilt books and magazines to donate. I pulled out a few pages occasionally and made copies of some others. We donated about 6 small storage tubs of magazines and books. I’m on my last box of books to donate now. I still have probably 200 magazines and books to keep but when we get settled into our new home, I expect I’ll go through them again and get rid of more. Purging is hard work when we are dealing with our hobby. It will be nice when most people are vaccinated but right now the US has only a 20% rate.

  4. Wow! You have really been busy! We need to go to the dump too and we’re not even moving! Wish I could paw through some of your book bags!
    No vaccines for us yet. Japan is really behind! (And they plan to hold the Olympics in two months?!?)

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