A change of seasons

One of the reasons we decided to eventually retire in Big Canoe versus Tampa is that we both miss the change of season. Things had begun to “green up” before we left last week but my cameras allow me to get a snapshot of the yard even when we’re not there. This one is right outside my sewing room.

I got my second COIVD shot today and ordered more bins – I’m spending some time catching up on a mountain of email and then I plan to sort through my knitting tools – they’re scattered in a few places but it shouldn’t take long and then I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon shredding unnecessary paperwork. I’ve got a moving company coming Friday to give me an estimate for the move and I’m hoping he’ll tell me that it will all fit on the smaller truck that has to be used in Big Canoe.

5 thoughts on “A change of seasons

  1. Hi Mary! What a wonderful view from your sewing room. It’s nice to watch the seasons change, I think. It feels more Fall-ish when you can see the leaves changing, or more Spring-ish when you can watch the trees budding out right before your eyes. It sounds like you have everything under control so the move will be smooth when it happens. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I would really miss the change of seasons too. But then I’ve nearly always lived in northern states – MN, IA, and SD. You can always vacation in Florida whenever you want.


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