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I’ve got one more day to make the sewing room neat enough to walk the movers through it and I did get in there this afternoon in spite of not feeling great. I didn’t get “sick” with my 2nd COVID vaccine shot but I had a headache and just felt off most of the day. I was pretty discouraged this afternoon, I don’t know if it was not feeling well or just that I seem to have too much stuff. There are lots of bins already sorted and packed and I probably need about 12 more for the stash on the shelf and the scraps. I’m beginning to doubt it will fit on the moving truck and wondering how I will fit it in the new house without all the closets I have now. There will be bins piled everywhere downstairs I think.

I’ve got two more weeks before the realtor comes so I know I have time but now I’m wondering how I’m going to have people come through looking at the house while I’m finishing the packing and have boxes and bins everywhere. I broached the idea today with Keith about waiting until the movers come in June to start showing the house and he said we’d see what the realtor thinks.

Poor Keith, I don’t feel like we properly celebrated our anniversary today – 32 years. I’m hoping for many more and next year we’ll do a better job of celebrating!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sounds like you are making amazing progress. I can not even think about having to go through 50 years of accumulation . Janice

    On Wed, Apr 21, 2021, 10:37 PM Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” I’ve got one more day to make the sewing room neat enough > to walk the movers through it and I did get in there this afternoon in > spite of not feeling great. I didn’t get “sick” with my 2nd COVID vaccine > shot but I had a headache and just felt off most of” >

  2. Happy anniversary!
    I hear you about the stash and the need to get it corralled – it will happen – just keep at it as you feel up to it. In a week or two you’ll be feeling better and the packing/sorting/purging will be mostly dealt with – you’ll have more to celebrate!

  3. Hear you re stash. Mine is very messy started 3 times fo sort then decided sewing more fun so its a mess. Have apologised to DD incase somethi g unplanned happens to DH and myself. She has a wee stash = 2 50 L containers her DH thought that is alot. I told himself that is a homeopathic amount lol
    Hope you feel better soon Mary and it sounds like you are making a lot of progress

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Think of your delay in celebrating as a good excuse to celebrate doubly hard when you can. With housing prices what they are – high, just put your boxes in the closets and go ahead and show the house. We made four trips to NC from GA taking all but what was needed to stage the house. Good luck!

  5. I had a similar problem when I moved last. I packed all the extra bins and a lot of small stuff into a Pod, and sent it off before the house showings started. I had it delivered to the new house after the movers did all the big stuff, then emptied it at my own pace. It would reduce the size of the load for the movers, and maybe reduce some stress too.

  6. Happy Anniversary…i cannot imagine boxing all your sewing stuff–I know mine would be horrendous…
    good luck..moving is always so fraught with worries…hope all goes well for you…
    hugs, Julierose

  7. Sorry the day was so blah, but use today to celebrate with Keith. We got so used to celebrating when Paul wasn’t traveling that we celebrate at our convenience. So happy that even though annoying the reaction interfered it really wasn’t that bad. You will succeed at the move and find a way to make your new setup work. You seem more stressed this time but you are the most capable person I have witnessed from afar at planning and moving. I think yesterday was just overwhelming because you were blah. Today will be better and soon you will visualize the plan that will work for you.

  8. You’ll make everything work (or you’ll take a trip up to Big Canoe with Keith’s truck bed full of bins from the sewing room!) Hope your head is less foggy today. Have a happy anniversary – proper celebration or not!!

  9. Happy 32 years together! I’m sure you are back on your Energizer Bunny feet today. I think it is important to have bins and boxes removed before house buyers come through because they want to see the space and imagine what it will look like with their furniture. You can always reschedule your realtor, this housing bubble will last for several months. Moving is always very stressful and taking care of all our needs is important.

  10. We moved from Salem, Oregon to outside Sacramento – during winter. We were determined to show the house clutter free as we sold the house ourselves. After doing what we had to in the way of boxing up, it showed so well that we sold it to the FIRST people who saw it. We took all those boxes and put them on two walls (separated for “S” and “W”) in our garage. People don’t really pay too much attention to the garage anyway, other than noting how big it is, and boxes are expected there. I had each box labeled as to what was in it & a number assigned. Example: S1 was box #1 for storage (as our things had to remain in a 10′ x 20′ storage area we’d rented for over 6 months), and we’d outlined exactly what the dimensions were for the storage facility. Each box was labeled in a flip booklet for “S” and “W” (as in, ‘with us’ to where we lived till we bought a home), showing the number of each box along with details written in the book for what was in each box. Yes, it took a little time to do as each box was filled, but was invaluable later. We had help unloading the truck (a 26′ truck), and as each was unloaded at the storage facility, the “S” boxes went in, packed up to the top at the back and working forward. The quilting fabric boxes went to the front on the right side, so I could get to the most important ones if I had to (I didn’t). The remaining items & boxes went into a second smaller truck (a loaner truck from the storage facility), which we took to the place we lived in till we bought our home. We knew as we left Salem that not only would everything FIT into that storage area, but we’d get everything where it needed to be with minimum effort. Another note: I typed up my own description of the house, details, pictures & dimensions of each room & outside views as well, local schools, list of improvements we’d made & focal points of the area. We left a copy on the counter for the people viewing (the first ones, so I didn’t make multiple copies). Yes, a lot of work, but it paid off by selling quickly. The buyers were so impressed that they made an offer on the spot for full price, and spent 20 minutes at closing telling the escrow officer how wonderful the house was. We kept a copy of that on our computer which we’ve gone back to occasionally just to remember our home & how much we loved living there. Hope this helps!

  11. Happy anniversary! You are making great progress, and I’m confident you’ll make it all fit in the truck and in the new house.

    I can’t even imagine trying to get ready to move again. We moved from a smaller house to this house 15 years ago, and of course we have accumulated “stuff” to fill up this bigger house.

  12. Happy Anniversary, Mary!
    I too had some residual effect from the vaccine. Unfortunately, yours happened while you are so very busy. Hope your energy comes back and you can come up with a solution to take care of things. Someone else mentioned using a Pod to store things in. We did that on our move and it worked great. It would be an added expense, but worth having things out of the way. I’m sure you will work things out.

  13. Love the pics of you and Keith. You both look so happy. I don’t envy your moving activities. I know you’re an expert at this point. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  14. I don’t know if it’s just me, but in the bottom picture on the right, you look like Rae. There is something about your facial expression and the tilt of your head. Happy anniversary,

  15. Happy 32 and I wish you many, many more.

    You sure have a great assortment of wonderful photos of the two of you. They are treasures.

    Take care, Kathy

    On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 10:37 PM Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” I’ve got one more day to make the sewing room neat enough > to walk the movers through it and I did get in there this afternoon in > spite of not feeling great. I didn’t get “sick” with my 2nd COVID vaccine > shot but I had a headache and just felt off most of” >

  16. Happy Anniversary! Worthy of celebration when you’re both up to it! Sorry about that vaccine reaction. I’m came out of retirement to be a vaccinator for 3 months. I am the only person I know who had a reaction. Next day: extreme fatigue and cold as could be. I slept 18 of 36 hours and was fine morning 2!

    Personally, I would pack it up and put in the garage. As noted up above, viewers expect that.

    Best of luck making all the decisions that are coming in the next 45 days!

  17. Happy Anniversary. Celebrate when you feel up to it. We’ve lived in our house for 34 years and its do for a purge! About every three years stuff gets cleaned out, but it seems like the stuff has multiplied 20 times more these past three years. Now I know why my friend moved every 2 years!

  18. Moving is no fun. Celebrating is and it is best to do it when it suits you! Happy anniversary to you and Keith.

  19. Hope you’re feeling better again! As I’m late commenting your movers have probably already come and gone!

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