Another idea

So pulling that fabric to bundle those 3 yard quilts gave me another idea. Since one of my goals this year is to make more scrap quilts, I’m going to pull a group of scraps before I pack them all up and put them in a bin together so when it’s time to start something, I won’t have to search through individual bins sorted by color to get a group of fabrics together. I did this last December to take to Big Canoe and made these two quilts. You can see the pile of fabrics I started with on the bottom right of the photo. I still have plenty of those scraps but if I pull more, I’ll be able to work from that bin for multiple scrap quilts. I can even pull some border choices and toss them in the bin too. Many of my quilts don’t have borders but it’s nice to have some easy options available.

Between precuts, the 3 yard bundles, and a big bin of color coordinated scraps, I’ll be set for projects for the rest of the year! And that doesn’t even take into account that I’ve got 2 bins with quilt kits that are easy to grab and sew. Yep, I’m feeling better! I’ve got a plan for getting back to work quickly once we get moved while I adapt to the changes in storing my stash and figure out what kind of organization will work best.


  1. Great idea Mary. It does feel better to have a plan for moving on, even if you find the plan needs tweaking as time goes on. Being settled in one’s mind is worth gold.

  2. Yes, great idea; i always seem to be rooting through my stash piles for fabrics in the middle of projects…I need to get myself into project bins I think. Hope your weekend is a good one
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Do you stock up on neutral background fabrics periodically? That is what I do, but need to branch out a bit more from plain whites and creams, and be more adventurous with my backgrounds occasionally.

  4. You sound like you’re back on top of things again, Mary. Love your idea for organizing your fabric. Best wishes as you meet with the movers today (or whenever it is).

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