I’m sure you’re bored with the decluttering process … it’s been two weeks since we got home and started. Progress has been good and except for some drawers and a downstairs closet, we’ve been through every room and closet. I’ve done some of the packing but it’s too early to pack up everything – what’s left will be easy – no sorting, just putting in the boxes and bins. I’ve also been doing some cleaning and hopefully things will be fairly neat on Friday afternoon when the realtor comes by.

I have kind of a one track mind so while my focus has been on the move there has been very little piecing or knitting going on. During the first week I did get started on some Log Cabin Heart blocks and got 14 made before deciding the string piecing process was just TOO messy. I packed the blocks and the rest of the hearts away and will get back to it once I’m settled in GA. This one is going to be busy and maybe Mom was right that the neutral backgrounds for the hearts will work better but I’m going to wait until the quilt is done to judge it.

So this second week, after finishing my work for the day/evening, I’ve picked up my knitting. It may be hard to tell in this photo but it’s growing slowly but surely … I’m knitting a couple hours most nights now and it helps me unwind a bit from the stresses of the day and listening to a Lightning hockey game or my audiobook lets me turn it all off for a little while. The transitions are more subtle in person and I’m really liking these blues and grays together. It’s a simple stockinnette stitch with a garter stitch border. Mindless knitting.


  1. I really like these blocks! I finally finished my borders on a quilt and now I want to cut out another but I’m torn. I need to start packing! But quilting does relax me and this sewing room will be not ready to move yet. Right now my arthritic fingers aren’t great for me to knit. So I guess I need to cut out another quilt!

  2. I like the blocks and have more than one friend who would love the busy bright nature of the blocks. I think they will make someone extremely happy. Glad you are getting some crafty relaxation in the evenings and that hits me on all cylinders!

  3. Sometimes mindless knitting is just the right thing after an emotionally and physically taxing day. Having “calm” and soothing colours doesn’t hurt either!

  4. I like the colors in the backgrounds. Neutral was pretty, but so is this. You’re right that it’s busy, but that will appeal to someone’s taste too. Very pretty start and once you get settled in GA it will be a quick finish.

  5. Sweet quilt blocks, great knitting project and no, I never get tired of decluttering. Although I’m done (long ago), I find stuff now and then to give away, recycle or trash. I find stories motivating to maintain what I’ve accomplished!

  6. Your backkgrounds are great in the heart quilt! Sometimes more is better! Wishing you luck on your move. It sure gets harder as we get older.

  7. I like the bright colours with dark backgrounds 🙂 I also knit most evenings watching tv or listening to an audio book. I also listen to books whilst sewing. I must finish at least 3 books every week – free from my local on-line library 🙂

  8. I love all the colors in your heart quilt! The neutral is pretty too but I like lots of color so this would be my choice. And with such busy days for you, knitting in the evening is a good way to relax. It sounds like you are getting pretty organized.

  9. I’m ready to try knitting on circular needles, but I’m having trouble finding a variety of sizes — both needle size and cable length. Any suggestions? I really like your blanket and I’m eager to give it a try!

  10. After all the sorting and packing . It probably feels good to just sit and knit. From what I’ve been reading you been super busy. Did love the video of the deer. Maybe it’s time to get away from it all with a nice bike ride!! Take care! Don’t over do it.

  11. Ditto! I love the heart blocks too. Yes, the quilt is busy but in a good way. The simplicity of the hearts spread across the quilt balances the business I think, for whatever that’s worth! So glad you’re in a good place with the move.

  12. Love the blocks and the blanket ? Would love to know if there is a pattern name for the blanket …. need some mindless knitting lol !

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