Bins and batting

Keith went to pick up the UHaul this morning and it took us about 2 hours to carry the bins down and load it up. I think there are about 40 bins of various sizes … and all but one roll of my batting. Luckily, he’s still smiling! We’ll put a few smaller bins in the back seat of his truck and I’ll cross my fingers that everything else will fit on the moving truck in June.

Those bins filled 2 and a half closets and I haven’t even packed the fabric on the IKEA shelves yet. I’m definitely going on a fabric and yarn diet!

I am going to miss the closet space in this house. There are 5 closets in the sewing room alone. Having all of this done is great progress and a huge relief.


  1. Great job! Moving is a good reality check on the “stuff” in our lives. I went through 25 years of accumulation when I moved three years ago. I need to go through the closets and garage again to purge any that managed to sneak in since I moved here.

  2. We moved last fall after 25 years. I donated 5 boxes of quilting books and nearly all my fabric stash. It was painful. We are building a smaller place and my sewing room won’t have its own closet. I will take over the guest room closet for that purpose but it’s not walk-in. However, the attic door is right there and our *plan* is to only put Christmas stuff in it. If my husband abides by that, the rest of the space can be mine.

  3. I applaud your progress! If it makes you feel any better, my husband figured that my quilting stuff comprised about 40% of space in our move 4 years ago. I may never live this down!

  4. Wow, you do have a lot of fabric, yarn, etc. And 5 closets would be amazing. I have one small closet and it is stuffed. I go though it about every 6 months to weed out the things I don’t use and don’t need but it is still small no matter how organized I can get it. I keep telling my husband I need a bigger sewing room, but it is probably a good thing mine is on the small side. The more space we have, the more things we tend to buy.

  5. Great work. I would love to have all that closet space. Our entire house has five closets and two are very small and the other three are average size. I do have a lot of stuff stored in the basement though. I agree with Janice, the bigger the space, the more you accumulate.

  6. We are getting ready to move to Oregon, probably in Sept or October. I’ve spent the past week weeding out books on my quilting bookshelves. I’ve been quilting, and getting books, since the mid 70s and I am horrified by how many books I’ve accumulated. The Oregon house has far less space for bookshelves and why move things I don’t “need”?
    Next on my list are the fabric bins in the garage. They haven’t been easily accessible (hot, dusty and buggy in the summer and COLD and dusty in the winter) with not enough light to see the colors well in any season. So, I’ve done less shopping from the stash for the past 11 years than I used to do when I could see what I had. Going to go through every bin and keep only the fabric I love and plan to use, any maybe only a fat quarter of each. The rest will have to find a home elsewhere.
    The process of sorting, making decisions on “stay-keep” along with a heavy dose of “what the heck was I thinking” have been exhausting.
    I am happy for you that you are almost ready to move!

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