I love books that take me to other places and times … and its always fun to read about a place I’ve actually been. I started a book tonight set in Venice which made me think about our trip to Italy in 2012. We started and ended in Venice.

I’m usually the planner but this trip we went with Keith’s brother and sister-in-law and his brother planned out our itinerary. I was a little worried about the amount of travel from place to place. Usually we travel at a more leisurely pace but I think they felt they might not ever go back and they wanted to see it all. It turned out great and because we traveled by train from city to city, it seemed more relaxed. I do love a train journey! Believe it or not after all these years, I even found my spreadsheet with all the details of our itinerary. I tend to be very organized and I like my lists!

Now that I’ve looked at my photos and shared my memories, it’s time to get back to my book!


  1. I have been to Venice 3 times now. I buy a pair of earrings and a clock to remind me of the city. My earrings are a small circle of Murano glass and women always notice them. I bought them in a shop on a bridge similar to the one in your picture. We traveled by car and that sure brings memories such as driving the wrong way down a street! Your pictures are great. Glad to hear the realtor process went well. My friends who want to buy a house in the Foley/Gulf Shores area said the houses sell in one day. Unbelievable.

  2. That looks like it was an amazing experience. I wish I had kept such details about some trips as the details fade after a few years – things like names of restaurants or hotels.

  3. Loved your photo’s. In 1975 I travelled by train from Hull, England, across the channel to Paris, changed trains then onto Greece, via Switzerland and Venenzia, arriving in Athens many hours later. I came back home via coach travel. THAT journey wasn’t so good as coaches were not so modern then with air ventilation – memories haha

  4. If you enjoy reading mysteries, books written by the author Donna Leon are set in Venice. I enjoy them very much.

  5. Traveling by train in Italy was a highlight of our trip. We were warned to bring food with us but some of our party didn’t and it caused difficulty. The train was clean and people nice. A joy compared to train services I have used in the US.

  6. It is dilemma… See all you can by going to many places or staying longer and getting to know the spots in depth.

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