I think the opossums have moved in! I’d seen several sightings on the wildlife cameras over the last few months but now I’m seeing them several times a day. I’ve asked Keith to take a good look around while he’s up there to make sure they haven’t gotten too close to the house or caused any damage but they’ve also inspired me to learn more about them. This is one of several articles I’ve read. Keith mentioned a few weeks ago that one of them looked pregnant but I’d forgotten that they are marsupials so maybe she’s carrying those babies in her pouch?! Can you tell the difference between Mom and Dad?

5 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. I am amazed to see how they prefer to use your nice path rather than walking on the rough ground.


  2. I follow cute opossum posts on Facebook at “Gladys the Opossum”. Fun pictures with cute captions. You can even see her pouch when she is sleeping.


  3. If they are anything like our brush tail possums in Australia, anywhere they can squeeze their head in, they go. I love our possums, but not when they get into our roof.


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