I owe them!

The weather in Big Canoe almost didn’t cooperate but there was a break in the rain long enough for Keith and Chris to unload the UHaul. I owe them big time! This is just 30 or so seconds of video but this went on for over an hour! Plus they had some furniture to move out of the nook before they could start stacking the bins up in there.

And while they were hard at work, I was out on the bike here at home. Boy was it hot – 90 degrees and it’s just the 3rd of May! Just reinforces one of the reasons we’re not staying here in Tampa.

I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with paperwork from the realtor and then Keith sent me a few photos of the bins in the nook. There are some more bins going in June but some of these will go in the longarm room too and I’m happy to see that there will still be room to move around. I’m not sure how many more shelving units I’ll add. I’m going to keep the stash in bins there and I’m just going to have to figure out what works as I go. You can see the older bins are green – all the newer ones are clear which will be easier too. They do have labels and I’ll sort them in areas by color and type – scrap, yardage, strings … I can make this work for me!


  1. Two Saints!!! The good part is they carried the bins down and walked up empty-handed.

    • Yes, we lucked out both ways … packing and unloading. My sewing room is upstairs here in Tampa and downstairs at Big Canoe so there was no carrying the bins upstairs.


  2. oh my goodness! They look like twins! It looked like one person was doing all the work. Then at the end, you see they are dressed alike. lol. Its always good to occasionally reassess your fabric/yarn collection….just glad it’s not me! i live in Charleston SC where it gets hot enough. My sister-in-law lives in Naples, Florida and it is just too hot down there!

  3. They did a great job and the nook is still open enough to walk through. Indeed they did a very nice thing. I doubt there is any score keeping.

  4. After all that work, they still love you! Amazing! I love the frame where Chris is walking behind Keith.

  5. Hi Mary! Those two are gems – real keepers. They did a great job stacking everything neatly for you! Your lunch looks delicious and the view can’t be beat. Are there good spots to bike at your Big Canoe home? I only recall seeing hiking photos but I’m sure you’ll head out on the bike, too. Things are moving along nicely for you both. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Those men won’t need a special workout for a few days at least. Glad things are moving along well for you Mary.

  7. What a work out for their legs!! Great Job!! Happy you got out on your bike, but the heat must of been horrible! Georgia is probably hot also, hopefully not as hot as Florida. I used to visit my sister in Stewart, Florida and that was really hot ,too! My Mom used to go with me. Take care!

  8. They are sweethearts for sure. I plan on using a dolly to take my stash into the new house we are moving into. That fabric is heavy.

  9. You selected a terrific spouse and raised a wonderful son. Sure it will be nice to be settled in one place! Looks like you had a great lunch and bike ride. You are leaving one beautiful place to live in another one.

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