I sewed!

I actually turned on the sewing machine tonight. I have to make a small project for our family gift exchange and I needed to get it started. I modified a candle mat pattern found free on Connecting Threads’ website to meet the size I needed. That firecracker looks a little random there but hopefully when I do the embroidery and put a blue binding on it won’t look so odd. The lighting is terrible too but you get the idea. I’m debating whether to quilt it by machine or hand quilt it but I haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning toward machine quilting it because it would go fast but I haven’t used this machine for quilting before and I don’t need any problems right now. I just need to get it done.

My work today involved more straightening and cleaning. I thought I was in good shape after all the decluttering but then the realtor started talking about the photographs and sent me a link to these tips. So of course, I have more “work” to do than expected. I decided to leave the fabric on the shelves for a couple weeks feeling that it would look better with the fabric rather than empty so I spent the last hour of my day trying to make it look a bit neater. Not perfect but better!

And here’s the other one … I wish I could say I was done but I’ll spend tomorrow finishing up in the sewing room and then Saturday and Sunday cleaning downstairs.


  1. Mary the shelves with fabric look great. If it is a quilter who views your work he or she will be impressed, and may even check it out carefully. You have done such a lot of work.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips. Your quilt room looks great, and it gives an idea as to how it can be used for the next buyer. The tips were handy for me as we are putting our home on the market and the pictures will be done on Monday. Looks like we’ve done everything right according to the guidelines. I bet your sale happens fast as most of the homes we’ve seen (either online or in person) either haven’t been cleaned in ages, or are full of clutter, furniture, and lots of needed repair projects. Amazing how people expect to sell their home for top dollar & won’t put one ounce of effort into getting it ready to sell. Makes homes like yours (and ours) sell that much faster, and hopefully, for more. Good luck to you.

  3. Looks very organized to me. I wish I had that fabric stash!! I think sometimes the realtor expectations are a little overkill. You still have to live in the house. Just decluttering helps a lot and it sounds like you have done a lot of that.

  4. Ah there for photographs for listing. Good luck. Just think you should never have to do all this again!

  5. Ooh your shelves are so pretty! How do you get all your fabric so neatly pressed the same shape?

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