Circle of Nine

I am so ready to break out some fabric and start a new quilt but I’m holding off … at least for a couple days. Today, we did some cleaning downstairs and we’ll do the final bit tomorrow. For Keith that means bathrooms! For me, vacuuming, dusting, and clearing the last of the surfaces so we’ll be ready Monday for the photographer. I’ve decided getting ready for the photographer is worse than getting ready for potential buyers coming through. I’m thinking that after the photographer leaves on Monday, I can squeeze in a quick project but it will have to be quick and easy!

I’ve vowed to decrease my yarn and fabric buying after sorting through the sewing room and you’d think that would apply to books too wouldn’t you? I thinned out my book collection by about half but the Circle of Nine quilts caught my eye this week and after doing some research, I decided this is just the kind of thing that appeals to me – it’s a process rather than a specific pattern although the books do have patterns too. From the website …

Learning the fundamentals of the Circle of Nine setting allows you to easily design a multitude of original, unique, and beautiful quilts using your favorite blocks. One simple setting with variations, sample spacers, and sample blocks helps you get started on the path to creating your own original quilts. No two quilts will ever look alike with this one simple 9-block setting!

There are 3 books and I bought the first two. I can see having lots of fun drafting new quilts using this setting. As far as I can tell, most of the quilts seem to be square and while square quilts are not my favorite, I’m sure that I can figure out top and bottom borders to make them rectangular.


  1. Have you looked at these enough to know if they are worth buying them both? In other words new extra info in each?

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