Trying to relax

I’ve been very stressed and tired the last few weeks trying to organize everything for the move and getting the house on the market so I’m hoping I can relax the next few days. I did not sleep at all last night but I dozed a bit for an hour or so this afternoon and then Keith and I had a casual dinner outside at the hotel restaurant. Finn’s pretty anxious so I don’t think we’ll be leaving him alone in the hotel to get dinner so it will be takeout and eating in the room or eating outside here at the hotel. In addition to the Realtor open house held today after the listing went active, there were 3 showings this afternoon. No offers yet but it’s just been a few hours so we’ll see how the next few days go. Tonight – I plan to get some sleep!


  1. I’ve been stressed too about several things I really can’t control. I found a cassette of Louise Hay about Prosperity and listening to it made my stress go away. I’ve put unreasonable demands on myself and my husband about getting our new house finished, our camper ready to sell and our house clean. I know that all will be OK if we delay on selling the house till later. I hope your house sells quickly and you can move to BigCanoe soon.

  2. All the best Mary. But 3 showings on the very first afternoon sounds like a pretty good start. You look nicely relaxed sitting with Finn (and holding a glass) (bet it’s iced tea though!) I would keep my fingers crossed for you but that might just hinder my sewing on the next hour or so. Have to make a few mug-rugs for the nurses after a hosp visit.

  3. Hopefully you will get a good night’s sleep tonight. The hard work is behind you for now. Eating outdoors looks like a nice way to relax.

  4. You were describing exactly what my husband & I have been going through. Our home hit MLS a couple of days ago, and today. We had our first showing tonight – so we packed up our 2 little dogs, their bed & all other personal information was locked up in our big shed, and off we went for 2 hours. Normally a realtor leaves their business card on the kitchen counter & are supposed to leave the COVID disclosure on the counter, but neither happened. I know they were here by lights being turned off, a door left open, etc. The market is white hot here in California, so am hoping it sells quickly so we can begin our new life down in the valley, in a tiny house with a tiny yard — sounds like absolute heaven for the 2 of us, especially since we are both having some health issues. Keeping fingers crossed for the two of you, but judging from the photos I saw, your home should sell QUICK — its beautiful!

  5. I remember the stress of selling my house, packing, moving, and the anxiety of the showings. I hope you get some great offers soon. It’s amazing how pets pick up the anxiety and stress of moving.

  6. Congrats on having the worst behind you. Hope you can relax and get some well-earned rest. And think of the sewing you will be able to do soon….

  7. Adorable picture. Best of luck with the listing and move. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  8. You do look relaxed. The dog looks happy too! I think the move affect the animals . I know it does my cat if I do something different. I believe they are a lot smarter than pet owners think they are. I pray you get some rest tonight. Take care!!

  9. Looks like a great place to relax! It’s nice that Finn can stay with you instead of being in a pet hotel.

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