Working thru my Lists

So paperwork has been flying back and forth … the inspection has been scheduled and luckily, I was able to get Finn an appointment for grooming at the same time so we’ll be out of the house. I’ve started going through the list of change of addresses that need to be done and I’ve got a list of services that will need to be canceled but ….

The big thing on my to do list today was having the longarm disassembled for the move. I moved my Gammill myself 4 times but this table is SO much more complicated that I made the decision to have to dealer come and get it ready for moving. I’ll take the machine head in the car with me and the movers will take the rest of the table. I’m debating whether to set it up myself or call the local dealer and have them do it … they’re just about an hour away so I’m leaning toward having them come and set it back up.

I wanted the table parts tucked out of the way since we still have a month before the movers come so I moved my ironing board and the sewing cabinet to the middle of the room and I plan to sew some tomorrow!


  1. Mary, the Innova table isn’t complicated, it just looks like it because it has so many holes! It’s a big erector set. 😉 It does, however, take time to set it back up, especially making sure it’s level, etc. If you can swing having the dealer come to do it, it will make your life a lot easier!

    Congratulations on the move!

  2. Long arm check! So that is a big deal out of the way! Change of address for every card and business. That is a mountain to climb slowly and carefully. Sewing machine to serve as a creative outlet is amazing. You have it all going on. Take a few deep breaths and paste that change of address label on a few more things or use the cut and paste function on the computer to get a quick few done. I assume you have a spreadsheet with all your account info minus passwords and account number. At least you know who to contact.

  3. My Innova dealer was only 18 miles away but she’ retired now and I don’t have anyone! Mine needs to be retimed and I sure wish I could call the dealer to come do it.

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