I’m not very good with waiting… the inspection on the house was done this morning and we had to be out of the house so I dropped Finn off for grooming and then Keith and I met in Hyde Park for breakfast. Keith went back to work (taking calls in his truck) and I grabbed a coffee and my Kindle and sat outside and read while they did their thing back at the house.

Normally I would have browsed the shops in the village if I was killing time but after all the decluttering I’ve done in the last month, I’m not buying anything – but it was hard not to look in the kitchen store! I think I’ve turned into my Mom who always loved having the latest gadgets in her kitchen.

The contract on the house is “as is” so I’m trying not to be too concerned about any small items the inspection might uncover but they do have the ability to walk away from the contract if they find anything that concerns them. Their deadline for making that decision is Monday …. so more waiting.


  1. I hear you! We’ve gone through this a few times – and if home sales in Florida are anything like they are here in Ontario, it would have to be a BIG issue to cause a buyer to back out of a deal.

  2. If it’s a code violation, fix it. Otherwise “as is” is “as is”. What’s not to understand. Chill for now. Be at peace. It will happen. Peace and love, Bunny

  3. It’s certainly a seller’s market around here. My daughter was just saying the other day that they are really grateful they bought a house last summer and not trying to buy one now.

  4. I hate, hate that waiting part!! I am not good at it either so completely understand. I hope everything goes well!

  5. Oh my, what’s not to love about Sur La Table? (I think I might here some finger tapping?) LOL.

  6. Hi Mary! Oh, I agree. Waiting and being patient is the worst. I am certain nothing big will come out of the inspection – it’s not like you guys haven’t been living there. If something huge was wrong, you would have found it and fixed it. {{Hugs}} You need a GOOD diversion for the weekend, like a new project that is really involved yet can be completed relatively quickly! That’s kind of an oxymoron though, isn’t it?! Soon, Tampa will be in your rearview window. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. My boyfriends son had the ceiling of his master bath collapse the morning of the inspection for their “as is” sale. They fixed the ceiling and the sale still went through. I can’t imagine an “as is” buyer being super picky. Wishing you the best!

  8. All will go well, I’m sure, as your place is beautiful! We received & accepted an offer on our home, too, and are in the middle of the inspections period, too. The buyers reduced the inspection period & the first inspection passed. Next week we have 2 more inspections (pest & home inspection) and by June 5th, we’ll know then if we are closing or not. I suspect we will as this is a pretty wonderful house, 65 years old or not! Don’t think we’ll buy right away – waiting to see if the governor removes the restrictions on rents & evictions. I suspect there will be a number of landlords who put their properties up for sale after what they’ve gone through. We just want a small house, and those are going for close to a half million dollars right now!

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