The Timeline

I’ve been working on the timeline for the move today. I have just a little more than 3 weeks before I head to Georgia. Would you believe we can’t find a charity to come pick up all the excess furniture we want to donate? Luckily, Keith found a junk hauler who works with various local agencies and they will collect and deliver it to one – for a fee of course and unless Keith manages to sell off some of it at the community garage sale tomorrow, there will be two truck loads of it!! I’m just very happy that we’ve found someone that will haul it off and donate it. I’d hate to think of it just going to the landfill but I can’t take it with me.

I’ve also scheduled cleaners to come a couple days after the movers. On move week – Keith will supervise the movers loading, tie up last minute loose ends, be here for the cleaning company, and then join me at Big Canoe. I’ll drive to GA a few days before the movers arrive to get things ready and be there for the unloading.

I also sewed a while this afternoon and cut and pieced one of the 3 yard quilts. I still have to get a border on it so I’ll finish that up this weekend and share a photo when the top is done. And since a post without a photo is boring, I thought I’d share this video of the woodpecker that came to visit. I love my wildlife cameras and I get just as excited about the little visitors as I do the big ones!


  1. Do you have a Habitat for Humanity there? They take furniture, and those who shop there would really appreciate the items you’d give them.

  2. If you have CASA nearyou they possibly would come and pick up some of your furniture and would give you voucher for tax write off.

  3. I didn’t know Woodpeckers had red head fathers? I thought they were black. Is it a male or female? What a lovely shade, almost crimson 🙂

  4. On Facebook, there is Marketplace and you can list things there free. People jump at the chance to get free items.

  5. That’s a pileated woodpecker. I’ve only seen one a few times. Enjoy all your visitors! I hope all goes well with all the moving arrangements. Moving is a trauma. You will have a lovely area for decompression and summer fun.

  6. Check out your area for an MCC thrift shop – – Mennonite Central Committee. We take everything to the closest thrift shop to us and they pick up.

  7. I agree with the comment that using Facebook marketplace is really successful for many items and sometimes you are surprised by what people grab fast. When my father died, we tried Habitat for Humanity and they were really picky about what they would take although, it may be because of Covid and they had an abundance of furniture for sale with few buyers? With marketplace, you take a picture of your item and the price and post it but, you have to be prepared for the all the dings you get on your phone and keep track of who contacted you first! Good luck! Hoping that the garage sale helps to get rid of the majority of what you no longer have room for.

  8. Wow, Mary! What a great video of the woodpecker. I hear one most mornings when I arrive at work. It always makes me smile because I usually get there around 5:30 am and that’s pretty early to have to listen to a woodpecker if you were trying to sleep. I can agree about the FB Marketplace – my niece just got rid of some furniture very easily. It will all work out! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Thank you for sharing the video of the pileated woodpecker. We have them in Missouri, but seldom see them, sometimes hear them in the woods. They are awesome!!

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