More help!

Chris was back at Big Canoe yesterday with Keith’s nephew Andrew to cart away all the furniture that has to go there … a few scrapes and bruises later … they were dropping stuff off at Goodwill. By taking care of moving the existing furniture around in the house to different rooms and carting off all the furniture we’re not keeping, Chris saved me from having to drive to GA this month and oversee the process. We really appreciate his help as well as Becky’s (on Mother’s Day) and Andrew’s!

5 thoughts on “More help!

  1. Was you watching in ‘real’ time or the recorded version? At least they looked like they were having fun 🙂


  2. Hooray for Chris! Payne’s Prairie really does have a herd of buffalo. I counted 9 in a single picture. I am trying to get the photographer ‘s permission to copy it and send it to you.


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