Beach time

We had a late morning breakfast with the boys and then they hit the road. Keith and I have another day here on Amelia Island before we head home tomorrow and then I‘ll have about a week to finish up my packing. It’s breezy and overcast which is just perfect – I’m reading, Keith is dozing and we’ll hope the rain holds off.

It’s the kind of lazy day I love!


  1. What a super birthday present. Nice to have beach time and visits with your sons. Sorry to hear that your buyers backed out. I assume the issue has to be fixed by the HOA rather than you? And, because I’m nosy — what book are you reading? Darn kindle for not showing the title at the top! Hope you enjoy the rest of the beach time.

  2. Reading on the beach – my kind of vacation day!! So glad you got some beach time along with your guys before moving!

  3. Sure looks like a grand day Mary. Glad you are having such fun and extending your birthday a bit.

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