I’m so behind responding to my email but thanks again for all the birthday wishes and if you wrote me with questions, know that I’m working on responding to them – it might just take me a little while. We arrived home this afternoon and I’m taking care of all the urgent move/association emails while Finn cuddles with me. Apparently he did fine boarding the last few days (he hasn’t had to board since Feb 2020!) but he is being a little clingy right now so I plan to give him the time with “mom” that he’s craving and I’ll get back to packing tomorrow.

Today Adam shared one last photo with us from the last few days … do you remember this photo of him drawing on the beach?

He didn’t see a shark while we were there but the setting inspired him to draw one and he painted it when he got home. He’s really been working on his art the last year or so and it shows. I love that he has a creative outlet. I always tried to foster that in both boys when they were growing up and it has carried over into adulthood.


  1. Oh my, that’s a nice, nice piece of art Adam did! He’d make a great book illustrator with his ability to draw from memory.

  2. Illustrator he is! Thats a wonderful drawing! I’m sure we all understand how busy you are with the move right now—take a deep breath. Hugs.

  3. Yay for Adam and his momma for encouraging a creative outlet. So important, I think, for boys as well as girls.

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