More packing

For the most part, decluttering and packing has been my job and Keith has carted off the donations and trash … but there are two area’s that HE must pack … his closet and his office. I’ve been after him for a couple weeks and he keeps saying he’s ready … I’ve had to tell him that ready means everything that isn’t going to be used up to the last minute means in a box and taped up!! He tackled his closet today … and the office is mostly done except his desk!

We’re at the stage that there are bins and boxes everywhere! In the library ….

…. and in the corner of his office! I wanted to have most of the upstairs bins downstairs in one spot so I could get an idea how many there were. I’m still crossing my fingers that everything fits on the truck. Worst case, Keith will be renting another UHaul trailer for the overflow but I’m starting to feel like it’s all going to fit. 🤞🏻

Just 5 more days before Finn and I head north!


  1. Time passed quickly didn’t it? I’m still decluttering away. I need a pretend deadline. Not sure it would change my habits much! Hope you’re getting some rest.

  2. Oh, I would so hate packing up a house… But I suppose it has to be done someday by someone. I need to clear out stuff so that someone else won’t have to wallow in it.

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