One of the things I find so interesting is watching the animals sniff out where the others have been. Last night the cat was wandering around and this morning the buck was very interested in his scent. As you can imagine, Finn spends a lot of time in the yard sniffing for visitors too.

We have a little progress being made … last night the Association approved the contract to make the repairs in the crawl space, this morning the HVAC guy is down there extending the condensate drain lines outside the space, and we have a call at 1pm with the realtor to discuss getting the house back on the market. It’s going to be months before it’s all done but hopefully we can get a sales contract on the house while the work is in progress.


  1. I sold a house that had water in our crawl space. I had a paid contract with a company to put a pump in the area plus gravel etc. The house sold before the work was done. Hope your sale goes well.

  2. Hallelujah! I hope the repairs go off without a hitch and you’ll rid yourself of this home quickly!

  3. That time will pass quickly! I’m glad you’re getting good forward movement on the repairs. When will the work begin?

  4. When we bought our current house, the inspector did not go into the crawl space under the addition. The seller, who was present at the inspection, did not tell him about the crawl space. Could be the seller was unaware of the crawl space and like the inspector, thought the basement was the only foundation.
    After we moved in, my DH found mold and other issues in the crawl space but it was too late. DH also found knob and tube wiring in the attic that the inspector also missed. On the other hand, we did learn that we needed to have bannisters on all staircases and carbon monoxide detectors, which we already knew. I suppose we could have brought suit against the inspection company, and perhaps should have, but we fixed the issues and moved on.

    I am happy that you too are moving on, both with the repairs and relisting, and with relocating to Georgia where your sons and family are.

  5. At least the homeowners association is doing some of the work. As hard as it is to find homes I think the odds are good that someone will take the risk.

  6. Been thinking about you most of the day today. It must be very hard to pack your car and drive away from so many wonderful memories. I know Big Canoe is the place to be especially with your grandchildren growing so fast and involved in many activities I’m sure. Your new “forever place” is beautiful and It will be so much easier for your family to be together.

    Have a safe, easy drive. I hope you have NO rain!!

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