Funny to say that on this end … but Big Canoe is home now and Finn and I arrived safely after an almost 9 hour drive. Traffic wasn’t bad until I got south of Atlanta but UGH – so much traffic for a Sunday. Luckily, I won’t have to deal with driving in Atlanta very often. I don’t know how people do that commute day in and day out although I have had some challenging commutes in my time too.

Chris and Rae brought me dinner and Chris helped me carry the longarm downstairs from the car. He also helped move a few things around to get ready for the movers on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll be moving things here and there for weeks but I’m going to try and sew a little on Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ve got to get myself organized and run a couple errands.

Finn did great on the drive and was a bit overly excited when Chris and Rae arrived but he’s sacked out now. It was a long day for him too.


  1. WELCOME HOME! I had no idea Chris was close enough for a quick visit! How awesome. Enjoy settling in and the coming week of adjustment. 🙂

  2. So glad you are now at your new home. I remember when you were thinking where you might want to retire and here you are. Have fun setting everything up and getting back into sewing.

  3. SO happy you and Finn had a safe trip up to Big Canoe, your ‘new’ Home!! And, to be met by Chris and Rae, had to be wonderful after that long drive and, especially after all of the hard work you have done to make this move!! Hope you are able to take some time to just enjoy being there in your new home! Take good care, Mary!! ❤️

  4. So happy you made it HOME safely! That traffic looks like Seattle, our traffic is a nightmare!!! You will be settled and sewing full-time before you know it. Chris is a blessing!! Enjoy your full-time home!!

  5. Have been out of touch for a while just found you again after changing email address. So pleased! I feel you’ve had some changes since I last read your blog, so I’m hoping to catch up on your life in near future. All the best and I hope all is going well with you. Regards from Jan Fitzpatrick in Queensland, Australia.

  6. Welcome home!!!! Atlanta traffic will be a thing of the past for you. So nice to be closer to kids and grandkids too. Not to mention the wildlife. My son is helping Paul with the remodel of the downstairs bathroom. The kids keep saying that they are happy Grandpa is there but they wish I could have come too. Looking forward to seeing them again but it still seems strange to me that my “home” will be around the corner from them in Oregon. Good, but strange after living here in Missouri
    for more than 40 years

    just think– you can sew tomorrow!!!

  7. Welcome home! Glad you and Finn have made it safe and sound. Now you can begin to get ready for your new “normal” of living there full time.

  8. Glad you have made the journey safely, and now are ready to start this new adventure. That is a long drive with one driver only. Finn is great company I am sure, but it does help to have another driver to spell you off on the trip. Hope today is a good one Mary.

  9. Such a long drive, glad you and Finn are in your new home and can settle once and for all. Happy quilting and sewing days ahead. Loving your nature cam videos as well.

  10. Glad you had a safe trip. I’ve heard that getting through Atlanta traffic is a bear. Give yourself time to rest and ease into things after all the work you’ve done the last few months.

  11. so glad you made it home. Yep Finn looks wiped out. How about you? Are you going to get to rest?

  12. Good dog for Finn making it that long drive! I don’t think we’ve taken our dog more than two or three hours out… (He gets carsick.)

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