I sewed today! Just a couple hours this afternoon in between cleaning and organizing but that was long enough to cut and piece this 3 yard quilt. A year ago after Stephanie from my HeartStrings group shared with us some of her 3 yard quilts, I ordered 3 fabric kits from Fabric Cafe and got one of their books free. I will say that I kind of prefer pulling my own fabric from stash because I tend not to like the skinny borders they use on many of them and I like a double fold binding.

Pattern is Garden Path from the Fast and Fun 3 Yard quilt book. I did not put the narrow one inch inner border on and my top measures 43 x 61.

There was not enough fabric for a double fold binding so I pulled a blue from stash and it will work fine. When I pull fabric bundles for these 3 yard quilts from stash, I find my self choosing at least one that has more than one yard or I’ll pull 4 fabrics. That gives me an opportunity to make my border larger and to cut my double fold binding. If you look on the far right side of this photo, you can see a sliver of the blue fabric I chose for the binding.

This HeartStrings 3 yard Project could not have come at a better time for me. These are quick and easy quilts and most tops can be pieced in an afternoon. When I was packing up the stash, I packed an entire bin with bundles just for these quilts and they’ll be perfect projects for me to work on in the coming months. I can already tell that having the stash in bins is going to be a challenge but I’ll get myself organized and get used to it. I’m just grateful to have lots of fabric and projects to work on and plenty of space in this house to set up my sewing room and the longarm. I’m going to focus on the positive and make the changes I need to make for it to work.

Finn was happy to settle down for a nap while I sewed!


  1. Nice that you home and that you got to sew. Your sewing supervisor is certainly laid back

  2. I did several 3-yard quilts a few years back when Fabric Cafe was a vendor at a large annual quilting event nearby. The event was ultimately discontinued and I used the old patterns occasionally but eventually gave them away and moved on to other sewing things my sewing groups were doing. When you recently mentioned Fabric Cafe on your blog, it brought back fond memories of trying to decide which 3-yard bundles to get because we could only lug so many around the quilt event and there were many lovely prints. After reading your blog, I got a book and fabric, got cutting this morning and started stitching this afternoon. And guess what, I’m doing Garden Path!! I love these simple quick patterns that showcase the fabrics vs chopping it all up. I also do a regular double binding. Most of my quilts are charity and they need to wear well at the edges.

    So glad you’re ‘home’ now and can focus on settling in. I love the music in the videos by the way.

  3. I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy arranging your quilting space. I’m not familiar with the 3 yard quilt book, but it’s definitely something I’m going to check out.

  4. How fun to sew projects like this! I have been working on a quilt with many different types of blocks. I took a little pause and put together and quick and easy quilt. It was nice to do that to feel a sense of accomplishment. Now back to my more involved project!

  5. I have that same fish fabric. I bought it a couple of years ago to make a quilt for Chris. I should probably think about doing something with it!

  6. Sorry I am a few days late in commenting. I have lots of fabric stored in bins. I have found that having shelving for the bins makes it much easier to access a bin rather than stacking bins on top of each other. Invariably, the one you want is at the bottom of the stack. Moving a whole stack of bins gets old fast. Also, labeling bins so that you can find things fast helps too. If you have to store bins in multiple places, having a master list of where each bin is stored also helps to find things fast.

  7. Thank-yoou for commenting on needing more fabric if you want a standard binding. I was disappointed once when I bought a 3 yd kit and did not realize what type of binding to use. The shop started to add more fabric in their kits.

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