Another quick one

It all fit on the truck!!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been stressing over that and how relieved I am. Keith supervised the loading and the movers are on their way to GA. Keith still has a few tasks to complete in Tampa so he won’t be coming this way until Saturday.

I’ve been working here to get ready for the movers tomorrow but I did take out a little time to assemble this Quick Strippie. I already had it cut out so it was really fast. I’ve got a LOT of tops that are going to need quilting when I get the longarm set back up.


  1. So glad that everything fit! Your strippe is adorable. It will bee nice to have all your things there, and work, bit by bit at getting things set up. Just get the beds all set up and the kitchen put together will bee great, maybe the laundry room too, will be a great accomplishment. Then all the pieces will come together as you need them or figure out where they will finally end up.I hope this will be your forever home!

  2. Adorable. I started making strippie ones too. I make them longer by adding rows and wider by adding a square ot two in yhe focus or all strips. Fun and satisfying.

    Good luck now with the unloading. Don’t do too much at one time. Glad it all fit in the truck

  3. Yay – a celebration is needed for successful truck loading! And those are the cutest turtles!!

  4. Moving is very stressful. Happy for you that it is coming to an end.
    Your strippie is so adorable!!

    Happy move!

  5. Hurray!!!! Thanks for sharing the good news about the truck. So happy you are able to sew again.

  6. Thanks for sharing your latest Strippie! It is so cute!!! I love that pattern and use it often. I love how different each quilt looks, so I never get tired of making that design, and I enjoy shopping for novelty prints just for that pattern. I’ve got a Strippie ready to machine quilt tomorrow, destined for my niece’s new baby girl. This is my favorite pattern for baby/toddler quilts.

  7. Yay! Glad to hear that everything fit on the truck! I think I heard you breath a sigh of relief.
    Love your new Strippie quilt. Isn’t quilting great therapy to ease your heart and mind?

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