It’s all here!

They arrived by 8am and three and a half hours later, it was all unloaded. I was afraid they were not going to be able to get into the driveway … and the street is too narrow for anyone to pass if they parked there but he got it backed in. There’s more of a slope on this driveway than the photo shows too, that’s why they’re looking under the truck, to make sure nothing scraped.

The first thing he asked was where the sewing room was … they didn’t complain about having to cart it all downstairs but I felt kind of bad about it. It all fit and I have some room to maneuver but this will be a challenge for sure. I was careful about how I sorted and packed the bins … precuts, kits, backings, yardage by color, scraps, strings, hat yarn, scarf yarn, blanket yarn …. so once I arrange the bins by type I won’t have to dig through many to get to what I want and all the yardage is in the new clear bins so I can easily see which one of those I need. Once I get the longarm set up in the other room, I’m hoping there will be enough room behind it for me to store some bins too. If so, I’ll probably stack the yarns bins back there.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot of unpacking and organizing to do but I’m going to take it easy and unpack a little and sew a little over the next few weeks and eventually it will all get done.


  1. Oh my ! I would do the same, unpack slowly and surely . Getting your longarm set up will be huge to helping you figure out where things can go . I am a firm believer in thinking it out and moving things once so relax tonight and put your feet up and watch the hockey game ! We live near Ottawa so for us there is one Canadian team in the semis !

  2. I like your attitude — unpack/organize a little and sew a little. I’ve done that too when moving. Something about sewing just kept me sane. I have way too many boxes under my long arm. They are easily accessible and basically out of the way. I’m trying to get rid of some that were donated to me. I may be able to consolidate two boxes…. but who wants to really take time to do that?

  3. You must be so happy! It’s always such a weight off when everything is IN the new house, no matter how much work is left to be done.

  4. I’m so happy to see all your stash! I was feeling guilty about mine yesterday. I’m packing too and yesterday we took only a small part of my stash to the new house. I’m very happy that your truck arrived and it’s put away in your lower level safely. Time for a kayak trip?

  5. Love the balance of work and fun. I am entering retirement and finding it a challenge to be patient in wanting everything cleaned up all at once!

  6. It will be so nice for you to have all your stuff in one place. And with clear bins you can see what each one has so it will be easier for you to find what you want to. And now you will have room on your shelves for some new books!

  7. 5 years later I am still not unpacked, and the sewing room bins just keep growing. when a shop goes out of business I help add to their retirement accounts. I don’t know how big your room is, but mine is like 12 x 12. One wall has the closets on, another wall my sewing machine. I didn’t know how I wanted the layout of cabinets to go, so no cabinets at the time I had the house built. Now I know how I want the lay out, but they won’t sell me the cabinets (MY house is a custom design, so I don’t know why not. SO, I have everything in bine, against the wall. Most of the yarn is in one cabinet w/ tools, patterns, etc. The other closet has project boxes, some Judy Neimeyer patterns, some kits, some pigs all together, some Bali pops, etc. SO, I sew a little, gather more, very little organization happening. Even half my cutting table is taken over now. But most of the sewing/quilting is in there, minus the long arm, and stuff I have gotten in the last year. Now I need to set up the scrap users system, to organize left overs after making a quilt top.

    Kasilof, AK

  8. I am still putting things in place in the smaller apartment we moved into 4 months ago. My studio/study seems to be the last place to get my attention when we are there. I did have a friend come and help with refolding that fabric and that was a great thing!

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