Making a start

I could have unpacked these tops sometime in the last couple days since they came in the car with me but they’re hung up now. There are twenty five waiting for quilting – that sounds terrible but there are 6 of those 3 yard tops and 3 Strippies. Those should be quick to quilt once I get the longarm set up.

I called the Atlanta area Innova dealer today and she’s going to get back with me but thinks they can probably do it in a couple weeks. Luckily, they’re just about an hour southeast of us so they’re willing to come up here to Big Canoe. Only 3 of these have fabric for backs pulled so that’s another task I have to get on.

And not that I wanted to move anything else but I either gave away more books than I needed to or there are some book bins of mine in Keith’s office. After unpacking all my books, I have extra space on my bookshelves but I can always find something else to put on those empty shelves. As I was putting them on the shelves I came across my very first quilt book. Since I’d never even sewn before and it was before you could find everything online, I needed a book that taught me everything from A to Z.


  1. I have that same book and it’s been a top notch reference tool. It and one other book, Little Quilts All Through the House, were two of my first quilt books. I still enjoy them both and don’t plan to ever give them away. It will be fun seeing your posts as you get set up at Big Canoe. Looking forward to that and when you can collaborate with your mom again!

  2. Great way to display the quilts waiting to be quilted, I have quite a few of them too and I’m thinking if I hang them up instead of having them in a tote box maybe they’d guilt me into getting them quilted. LOL
    That looks like a great book, that’s what I should have had when I started quilting. Glad you got all moved to your new place and hopefully the unpacking goes well, would love to see some pictures after you’re all unpacked and have your quilt room set up.

  3. That looks like a lot of quilts to be quilted. Before you know it you’ll be all settled in! It’s nice to know you are finally where you really want to be. Especially With most of the Covid restrictions gone. Wonderful to have the time with your children and grandchildren. Makes all the difference in the world. Take care ,Lynnie

  4. It’s a start and you will have it up and organized before you know it. For some reason I enjoy doing stuff like that. It’s like you are making a new start and organizing things better than they were before. I need to pretend I am moving so I can get organized again.

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