Poor Finn has been anxious the last couple months as we’ve packed up and moved and that has expressed itself in part by being very restless at night. Last night he woke me up with a bark around 1:30 am but I was able to settle him back down and he fell asleep again. This morning, I was wondering why he barked and thought I’d check my cameras to see if there was anything outside at that time … I didn’t hear a thing but look what he heard! We’re still sleeping in the guest room because I haven’t unpacked the linens for our bed so this was right under our window at 1:36 am. He’s got really good hearing!


  1. These little guys have very sensitive hearing. Some nights Levi hears one of the local raccoons or skunks outside our little cottage, and he is up and ready to go fight intruders(well at least his bark sounds like that.) In reality I’m not so sure.

  2. A very good little watch dog! Our cat used to get up on my night stand and try to stick his head through the window blinds in the middle of the night. I always figured he was hearing deer and other nocturnal visitors.

  3. Our little Phoebe who is 15 years old is very restless with our packing and our leaving the house often. Little Finn will calm down soon but his hearing is great and a protective thing for you. I always pay attention when the dogs bark in the middle of the night.

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