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You might notice that the subscribe by email link is gone from the side of the blog. It was no longer working and I don’t have time to find another choice right now. Feedburner has notified everyone that they will stop supporting mail subscriptions and apparently they’re no longer adding new ones although I’m still getting a copy by email so current subscribers haven’t been dropped yet but I think all subscriptions are going to stop in July.

I have no idea if I’ll easily be able to find another provider for this service but you can also check out Feedly. It’s a blog reader service where you subscribe to blogs within the program or app and you can see all the updated posts in one place. It’s what I use for reading blogs.

Sylvia emailed me asking for help with subscribing and I did write you back Sylvia, but your email address wasn’t correct or it bounced back for some other reason.


  1. Bloglovin, Feedly, Follow.It, and MailChimp have all been bandied about as options. I still haven’t decided which way I will go for my readers, but with the latest review, I’m thinking I will probably go with the Follow.It service.

    • I added you to my Bloglovin feed years ago and that is what I read in the morning. Some of the bloggers I follow by email have moved to She was able to migrate her list. Then I had to go in and add myself to relieve the email.

  2. The idea that I might not be able to read your story each morning makes me very sad. You and a cup of coffee are my constant. I do not understand any of what you wrote in this blog. I do read another blog and it has been coming with a note that says it is being forwarded to me by follow it. I did not know what that meant. Do I have to do something if your blog comes like that? I’m so confused. I will try to find a computer literate friend. Take care.

    • Hello Sandra, I have bookmarked Mary’s blog on my favourite’s bar in my browser (google chrome or Microsoft edge or whatever you use for searching the internet). That way I don’t have to worry about an email from Bloglovin or anything else. I just click on the button every morning. Like you I enjoy Mary’s blog every morning and it is one of the few I follow every day.

      • Thank you Anne. I did as you suggested and we will know tomorrow if I did it correctly. Have a lovely day.

      • I am going to try this as well, Anne. Mary, your blog is my favourite and I, too, will be disappointed if I can not get it. I have already had to drop a few blogs because of this.

  3. I too read your blog everyday and will add you to my favorites bar to check everyday. I enjoy reading your daily post and wouldn’t want to miss even one. Thanks so much for sharing your daily goings on with us,I enjoy it all, not just the sewing! You and Finn look like you are settling in nicely, so happy for you.

  4. I like Feedly, too. One site to put in your menu bar, and it keeps track of all the blogs you read, letting you know when they have new posts. The basic version is free, although I pay for an enhanced version, mainly because I want to keep them in business.

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