One of the challenging things about moving so often is that furniture you buy for one house doesn’t necessarily fit well in the next one … or the one after that! Luckily, our sleep number bed fits well and Finn feels more at home back in our bedroom rather than the guest room. This photo reminds me I need to take those pictures off the wall and put some of ours up there.

One of the pieces of furniture that I was struggling to find a place for was the quilt cabinet. We bought it for the Big Canoe condo and when we sold that, it went in the library at the Tampa house. There’s no room for it in the family room but I just couldn’t give it up – I need the storage space for my quilts! So there was a TV mounted on the wall in the corner of our bedroom that we never used and Keith agreed that we could take the TV down and put the quilt cabinet in that corner. That dresser was also from the Big Canoe condo and doesn’t match our bed but I love it and the chest of drawers that matches the bed is in the closet. It doesn’t bother me to have mismatched pieces of furniture and they all hold memories of different places we’ve lived.

Finn was tired after our unpacking so he took a nap while I sewed. I’ve got another 3 yard quilt in progress and just have to add the borders to it. And while we were unpacking and sewing, Keith was driving from Tampa and arrived in time to have dinner with us. So another new chapter in our life begins.


  1. Our pets always seem to settle much better after all family members have been accounted for. I hope you all settle in for a nice weekend and your new beginning.

  2. Such a wonderful collection of memories you have bound together in your book of life.. Glad you are all safe at home as the new adventure begins.

  3. It is very difficult to fit furniture into rooms. We are in the midst of moving finally and the furniture doesn’t look quite right yet. The two reclining love seats seem too big where I want them. I’m glad you are getting to sew again and that Finn is getting more comfortable. I think the smell of your old furniture helps them.

  4. Congratulations on a successful move. It seems like a great p,ace to live and so happy you are closer to your family.

  5. Happy Unpacking! I’m sure you will get settled in quickly and find places for your furniture and belongings. And I’m sure if it doesn’t fit, there’s someplace to donate it/sell it. Seems like every time we have moved and decluttered/found new homes for things before we packed, there’s always something on the other end that just doesn’t fit right and needs to go!

  6. Wishing you all the best in your new home! Moving a sewing studio is a daunting task, but after following all your moves, you are certainly well-seasoned.

  7. Glad to hear Keith arrived safely. And now best wishes as you turn this place into your home. Love where the quilt cabinet ended up. It adds a soft touch to the room with all the quilts inside.

  8. I’m sure Finn was worn out from all the supervising while you unpacked. So glad Keith has arrived safe and sound. Congratulations on this new chapter! I’m sure you will be happy there.

  9. Congratulations on getting everything including Keith moved and ready for your new chapter. Mismatched furniture is the thing these days and I love it. You can always find a spot for those favorite pieces.

  10. Your quilt cabinet is gorgeous! Perfect for both displaying your quilts and keeping them clean and safe. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it!
    Mismatched furniture has never bothered me– it’s the result of changing needs, wants and taste. I’m really impressed with your progress in getting settled, along with fitting in sewing time!

  11. Glad all of you had safe travels to Georgia. I like your quilt cabinet and the quilt on your bed. Both are gorgeous.

  12. Memories are more important than matching. Love your quilt cabinet and happy you kept it during your moves. The quilt on your bed is beautiful. Enjoy settling in.

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