It’s mostly deer on the cameras this week again although there were some quick sightings of smaller animals. I love how this group of deer looked at themselves in the reflection of the windows. I also love seeing how they travel together in groups. They seem very social.

And this cat has been back the last couple weeks. I had to look up how long cats are pregnant before giving birth (9 weeks) because this one looks like it’s been pregnant for MONTHS! So either it’s pregnant again … or it’s just a really fat cat. Can you see how big that belly is? It has a collar so it must belong to someone …

5 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. The cat looks as if it was hungry or malnourished as a kitten. That causes strange body configurations as they get older. Rescue cats often have bellies that hang down even if they are not overweight


  2. I love the way the deer seems to be looking in the window as if to say ” anybody home?”

    The cat does look pregnant. Maybe just had so many litters, she always hangs low. One of our cats had 3 litters of at least 4 kittens one year. We couldn’t get her spayed because she was always pregnant after kittens weaned. So we gave her to a farmer who needed a cat. Problem solved for both of us.


  3. I live in suburbia on Vancouver Island in Canada. We have lots of urban deer that frequent our lot. I call what they do OHHO (our herd hanging out). They are very social. Thought you might be amused by my acronym.


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