A lazy day

I’d planned to have a lazy day today but that’s not how it turned out. I finally got out for a hike – 4.3 miles to the lower falls. It’s a moderate hike – not difficult at all although the footing can be tricky at times and Keith did sprained his ankle on this hike several years ago so it pays to watch where you’re stepping.

I worked a little on my LeMoyne Stars after getting home. I’m not going to break any speed records but it’s coming along.

And then for dinner tonight we went to the clubhouse – the first time in 3+ years but just as enjoyable as always. The golf course is being redone so that’s the pile of dirt on the right of the photo and the lake is a little muddy because of the repairs to the swim lake (seen in the video above) but still a pretty view of the mountains.

We enjoyed a pre-dinner drink and then dinner with a view.

7 thoughts on “A lazy day

  1. What a beautiful water fall. I can see why you like to hike there. I’m envious as there is absolutely nowhere near here to enjoy dinner with a view. Sigh!


  2. What a nice hike! The roots on some of the trees looked quite large. That’s such a beautiful view looking towards the mountains. Keith looks relaxed. It’s nice to hear you are relaxing after that great move! Take care!! ” OH ”, I love the Quilt your doing!!


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