Do you like to watch sports? We’ve been watching the hockey playoffs and on Friday the Tampa Bay Lightning advanced to the finals. I’ve been making good progress with my knit blanket thanks to those games and I’m about to make a lot more progress because the Tour de France started yesterday and it’s another favorite of ours. We tape it and watch it in the evenings. And after the Tour, the summer Olympics will start – another favorite. Between hockey, the Tour, and the Olympics, I figure I have about 5 weeks of nightly sports watching coming up so I should get the knit blanket done and at least a good start on a crochet one.


  1. And then, after the Olympics, it will be time for college football! That’s my favorite (big Clemson fan from waayyy back). Hoping to make a LeMoyne Star soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Not having access to watch sports is the sole regret I have since our many years ago decision to not have television. I truly miss seeing some of the games in various sports. Trying to get bits and pieces on You Tube has been my sort of replacement, but yesterday I was visiting with my sister and her husband, and got to watch some Blue Jays baseball on a 55 inch screen. It was a treat, but wow, that is a big screen. Everything I view is on my 11 inch laptop, quite a difference. Enjoy every minute of the excitement

  3. I love watching the Olympics, Wimbledon, a little football when England is involved (like the Euro’s at the moment) – I also watch the F! with my daughter; Lewis Hamilton being our champion – the replay starts in 5 minutes 🙂

  4. Well Mary… you and I will be watching hockey but rooting for different teams. Montreal is our only Canadian team and many of us didn’t have faith that they would make it to the finals but here we are. It is excellent hockey and of course, in our house, the tv will be tuned to watch. Best of luck to both teams and hopefully no serious injuries but we will each be rooting for our ‘home’ teams!

  5. I probably watch more sports than I should admit. Right now I’m watching golf. I did catch a little Tour de France clips last night – especially their talk of the fan with the sign who caused the big crash. And I always love watching the Olympics so I’m looking forward to that.

  6. Dear Mary: I will be watching The Hockey and hoping Montreal does a lot better. I am originally from N.B., Canada. I hope to do some hand work, but sometimes I mess up as I try to watch the game closely. Sounds like you are getting lots done and enjoying your new place. I am very happy for you and yours and Finn. Again you are amazing.

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