You’d think I’d know better but 2 weeks after arriving in Big Canoe, I’d hoped to be back to my normal schedule but that was overly optimistic. I have weeks if not months left before everything is placed and organized like I want it to be. I need to be grateful that I’m finding even an hour or two most days to sew even if my progress is slow. I make sure I complete some tasks on my list first – some are quick like hanging this picture that Chris created for me several years ago with an old window and strings from my bins.

Also easy, getting the rug vacuumed in the longarm room so I’ll be ready when they come Saturday to set up my longarm. Yep, a week earlier than I expected which makes me happy! The rug might seem like an odd choice but it was in the library in the Tampa house and I had a laminate floor put down in this room when they finished it for me and I had decided I needed a rug to lessen some of the vibration from the machine. So rather than ditching the library rug and buying a new one … I’ll use what I have.

As I’m emptying some of the newer bins, I’m changing out the old beat up green bins – they’ve gone through a bunch of moves and are in pretty rough shape PLUS, it’s much easier to find what I need at a glance in the clear bins.

Today I also found time to calculate how much fabric it was going to take to sash the LeMoyne Star blocks and I looked through the green bin just to make sure that I still wanted to go with the blue sashing. If things go as planned, I’ll have the last 3 blocks made tomorrow and then I’ll start sashing the blocks. I don’t expect to get this top finished before Saturday but it will be done soon. Once the longarm is set up, I have plans to get 10 tops quilted in July. I think that’s doable with everything else I’ve got going on.

I’m also trying to take some R&R time – hiking and kayaking last week, and yesterday I had my first my first massage in 16+ months!


  1. Wonderful that your long arm will be set up earlier than expected. I’m slowly switching to clear storage bins, too. The clear bins seem to be more sturdy now than they were several years ago.

  2. Ah!! sounds like a great beginning and I would use a nice rug as a damper in an area where I will cover it with lots of odds and ends like every bin I could fit under there. Matching isn’t always necessary.

  3. We are almost ready for our second truck coming Thursday to move our bedroom and lower level things. Sometimes I open a box and have no clue what to do with the items in it. The piece of furniture I took it from is still at the other house. We will sleep at the new house Thursday but there won’t be anything on the windows yet, no time to install blinds and curtains. I believe you when you said weeks or months to get it all set up. And like you, I’m going to have some R & R soon. Your quilt top is so pretty, I really like it.

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  4. Hiking and kayaking – and sewing – should help with the stress of unpacking and organizing. The repurposed window was such a clever and thoughtful gift.

  5. Your quilt is lovely. I’ve always wanted to make a LeMoyne Star quilt. I’ve been slowly tackling projects around the house this summer and my to do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking though.

  6. You will be very happy with that rug. My machine is so loud in my concrete floored basement. The mosaic wall actually helped a lot but a rug would be really nice. Looks to me like you are making amazing progress with the unpacking. Don’t beat yourself up and just enjoy the ride. Love the Lemoyne Star!

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