Not my favorite thing to do but I do it when the quilt calls for it … of course usually I like to use cornerstones which makes it much easier to line things up.. I’m not a perfect piecer but I’m usually close – I surprised myself by hitting the row size exactly here.

My first two rows are sashed and while that last one is off a sliver, I’m not unhappy with this so far. Minor variations will disappear after quilting and washing but remind me next time I have to sash a quilt to design it with cornerstones!


  1. Funny how people see things differently. Bunny says it makes the quilt come alive while in my mind it brings things together in a calming easy manner. No matter what I think it works. I laughed out loud because when I am asking Paul for help with bindings I always tell him I want it to be a highlight and brighten things or a stop at the edge that blends well and is a logical end to the quilt. he is good at translating and giving me choices for my vision.

  2. The sashing looks just right from here, Mary. I do prefer to sash with cornerstones, though. Remember! You can still use the sashing fabric as cornerstone for a unified appearance.

  3. The blue sashing looks great with those blocks. I think too that cornerstones do seem to help everything line up nicely and keep the quilt from stretching.

  4. I love the blue and green together. This will be a beautiful quilt.. I agree that sashing with cornerstones is so much easier!

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