I feel like I accomplished something getting this top assembled. Cut and kitted back in July 2016 at Big Canoe for me to piece in Tampa and somehow I just never got around to it. At one point, I lost it in the sewing room and then found it about a year ago but still it sat. Can you believe I was actually looking for an easy mindless project the day I found this sitting on top of a bin and decided to get it started?

Brief Instructions can be found on my website at this link.

The stars are just a hodgepodge of different greens and blues I had in my scrap bins and some look like they don’t have enough contrast in the photo but they’re OK in person as you can see in this photo.

The sashing was a bit of a challenge to line up without cornerstones but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I alternated my pressing every other row – one row toward the sashing, one row toward the block and that gave me a way to pinch and butt those seams together when I was pinning the rows together.

I’m also happy to have a nice open area in the middle of my room to measure and pin. I pin a lot of things on the big board where I press but when the project gets larger than 58 inches, it’s time to move to the floor. I guess when I get too old to crawl around on the floor I’ll have to rearrange things so I can put a couple tables together.

It was also nice to have the extra ironing board to put alongside my sewing cabinet. I like this Koala cabinet that the Jane sits in EXCEPT that there’s not enough surface to the left of the machine when I’m handling larger items. It does have an extension in the back that I used when I was quilting some on this machine but I still needed a table to the side. I don’t have room to keep a table there but the ironing board is easy to put up and take down when I need it and there’s just enough room for that small end table you see blocking the bathroom in the photo when I don’t need the extra support. It doesn’t block the bathroom when I move the ironing board and slip it back over next to the machine as you can see in the photo above.


  1. This is really beautiful! Love the colors; can’t wait to see it quilted.

  2. love the blue and green together…….the lemoyne stars look good……..goodluck getting everything set up on your new home……..looks like a nice spot to canoe too……and a big target for quitling but I am sure you will get them all done……

  3. I use the floor for measuring and cutting quilt borders. My knees are constantly complaining when I do that. Love the pops of lime green in your blocks.

  4. Mary, I think maybe you are settling in and relaxing from all the Tampa stress. Good for you, keep doing that !

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