A weeping tree

It’s no surprise that I love this tree in our front yard and maybe no surprise that Keith doesn’t! It’s right over our walkway and at 6’4 he’s a lot taller than me. I know it’s a “weeping” tree but I don’t know what kind. I tried to look it up and it has leaves that look like a weeping persimmon tree but there is no fruit. Any guesses at to what kind of tree it is?

We had a tree service out a year ago and they trimmed it back along with trimming/removing all the trees close to the house but it did need trimming again. Even I had to duck under it to walk to the front door. Keith is a bit of a klutz so it makes me nervous when he does work around the house. Climbing on ladders and cutting limbs off makes me VERY nervous.

He came through with no injuries (this time) but my tree came out on the losing end! I know it needs to be kept away from the house and that people need to be able to walk up the sidewalk but it kills me to see it trimmed back so far. Luckily, I know from past experience that it will grow quickly!

We have a “natural” yard so Keith dragged the branches out back and at least the deer are happy! Looks like it’s snack time. (That pine branch that’s mixed in was a casualty of the moving truck.)


  1. I believe it is a weeping cherry tree. They are prolific all over Georgia. It doesn’t bear fruit, but it does flower and it is beautiful when it does. It looks like you have a lot of shade, so I’m not sure how shade would affect the flowering.

  2. I never realized Keith was so tall, he didn’t look it in all the pictures you’ve taken before. The tree is pretty but I think the owner who put it there wasn’t thinking what it would look like when mature.

  3. Your yard looks like such a cool green oasis. We have a deep valley behind us, so Dave puts small branches back there below the drop off, and it does seem to make the wildlife happy. We had a tree service give us an estimate last week to come trim a bunch of trees for us and they hope to be back to do the work sometime next week. I’m not holding my breathe on that time frame as they are so busy, but hopefully they will get to us. We had quite a bit of tree damage due to ice and snow last winter, and wind this spring. The river birch in front of my office window has a “drooping” top that broke partially in a recent wind storm.

  4. Mary, I used the My Garden app on my phone which I can take a picture of any plant, and it tells me what it is, and all about the plant. Your tree is a Siberian Elm. At least thats what the app says. Growing up there was a huge weeping willow in my Aunt and Uncles yard. My Uncle let the weeping branches grow until they touched the ground. He would take his trimmers and create a doorway through the outer branches that touched the ground and inside the willow he would trim up all the interior branches which then created a “room” inside all around the tree trunk. It was so fun as a child to play inside this “weeping tree room”. He kept it trimmed and it was a tree house of sorts. I spent many a summer playing inside this willow tree space. A fun childhood memory for sure. You might want to do something like this for your grandchildren to play in.

  5. We call that deer salad bar at our house. We live suburban, so are not “supposed” to feed the deer so tend to put out of sight.

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