It all fits

When we bought this house there was an unfinished room. Maybe originally intended to be a bedroom but with no closet. I debated how to use the downstairs space and where I was going to put my sewing room and the longarm. I’m so glad we decided to finish the unfinished room this past winter. Everything fits even better than I hoped and it’s going to be a good work space for me. We stopped by Home Depot today to get a couple shelving units for the back wall and it went from this ….

To this …

A view from across the longarm and there’s a nice wide path on both sides of the longarm.

And tucked in the corner of the same room, my desk and filing cabinet.

It just so happened that they were having an appliance sale (holiday weekend) so I went ahead and ordered a new washer and dryer too. The ones that were here when we bought the house are old and while they work, they need replacing. Nothing too fancy, just mid level GE machines with a large capacity.


  1. I like your concept on appliances. I laugh when people buy all the bells and whistles and you ask them how to do one of the special and expensive features and they have never used that or any of those features. My nephew paid a small fortune for a gas range and his wife doesn’t cook and he only grills. The gas company came to hook it up took the old range and couldn’t get the new one to work with the line without serious modifications. The gas line changes cost almost as much as the range. Just remember he had a 6 burner name brand range!

  2. I’ve always liked the look of those silver storage units. They fit perfectly along that wall with all your other tubs. A great space for you to work in 🙂

  3. I just bought the same washer and dryer. They are so great to wash and dry quilts. Good choice

  4. Top loaders are great machines, but they aren’t sold in all areas. I have shorter wire shelves and put my large pressing board on the top: it makes a perfect pressing station.

  5. I envy all your space. I have so many large “small” appliances like air fryer, stand-up mixer, Ninja blender, crock pot, Hamilton Beach Searing Grill (OMG! You have GOT to get one.), etc. I don’t have the room for all of that stuff and I don’t want to keep them in the garage. I bought a wire 4-shelf unit a few weeks ago from Amazon for a spare bedroom to rack it, but mine have casters. If I need to get to something else in the room, I can easily roll it out of the way. If you’re interested in casters, if the bottom of your shelve poles have threads, Amazon has wire shelving wheels.

  6. Very nice! I have similar shelves from a similar big-box store in my pantry. I found plastic shelf liners on Amazon, and they are perfect. They’re called “Alera shelf liners for wire shelving.” I also bought their hook bars to hang my apron collection from.

  7. I used one of those shelves for an ironing station. I cut the legs to the height I wanted, found a board at Home Depot that was meant for a shelf, and covered it with batting and some home dec fabric I had. Looking at regular ironing boards there is so much wasted space under them. This way I ended up with 3 shelves for stuff.

  8. Really nice setup and a great work space for you! Congrats on the new washer and dryer. I want to replace our dishwasher and stove/oven combo, but until we decide for sure that we will be staying in this house we are putting that off for now. We are looking for a new place but the housing market here right now is ridiculous!!

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