Not without problems

The Turtle Strippie is now quilted too but not without problems. I had some tension issues at first and when I corrected that ended up with some scattered birds nests of top thread on the back of the quilt. Not many just 4-5 but they were really random and I don’t know why they were happening. I’ve fixed the areas on the quilt and rethreaded and cleaned the machine so hopefully it won’t happen again. At least it’s not happening on my small test square but it was so random that I’m not sure I’ll know until I load another top and quilt for a while.

I also wasn’t really happy with my ribbon meander in the turtle strips. It looks kind of busy to me but it’s done and hopefully when it’s been washed and is all nice and crinkled, it won’t stand out so much.

My goal is to quilt 10 in July and this is #2 of 10. I’ve trimmed the first Strippie and that one has the binding machine stitch on and is ready for me to hand stitch it – maybe I’ll get it done tonight after Keith goes to bed.


  1. Must be frustrating to finally be able to use your longarm and there are these wierd glitches. I looks pretty good from here but I hope that next time you load a quilt it is smooth sailing.

  2. I love all of your little strippies, it’s hard to believe that you make them all from your stash. Is it me, but after I read your post and like it, when I go back the next day, it’s gone. I make sure I login and like each of your posts because It’s my way of letting you know how much I enjoy your posts.

  3. The turtle strippee is just as cute as the dinosaur one. I find those cute kid type of prints hard to resist. I have one cut out with Scottie dogs that may go onto my “to do” list later in the month.

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