Some finishes

You saw both of these Quick Strippies after I quilted them but now they’ve been bound and are ready to wash and donate. I’m not sure where I’ll end up taking photos here at Big Canoe. The back deck is convenient to the sewing room but doesn’t have the best light although these aren’t bad.

I forget that not everyone recognizes this Quick Strippie quilt that I’ve been making for so many years and don’t always remember to link to the instructions on my website. Click the link above to view them.

I also cast off and wove the ends in on this little knit blanket.

  • Pattern is – Simple Striped Blanket found free on Ravelry.
  • Yarn is Lions Brand Mandala, color way is Spirit
  • Needle size is 6
  • I used about 3.25 skeins and the blanket measures approximately 45 x 56

And I’ve got quilt #3 ready to hand stitch the binding tonight and quilt #4 loaded on the longarm.

9 thoughts on “Some finishes

  1. Thank you for the pattern link in your post for the cute strippie quilts. I was recently gifted a few boxes of fabric from a quilter who has gone into a nursing home. Donation quilts will be a great way to use it.


  2. Good Morning Mary! you seemed to be settling quite nicely and it’s probably so nice to have all of your sewing goodies in one place, instead of split between two states. The porch swing seems like the perfect place to take you pictures, the quilts are the centerpiece, but the swing, porch and greenery give the pics a homey feeling! I hope you, Keith, Finn, the boys and their families create many new happy memories. ❤


  3. Thank you Mary for the quilt pattern. I have made pillow cases for donations and what a great idea to have a matching quilt!


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