The downstairs family room

I mentioned I’d gotten the downstairs family room straight the other day and Penny asked about pictures after I said I had a daybed and trundle in here for the kids to sleep. The bed is up against the wall as you enter the room and I have the two recliners from the library in Tampa down here too – it’s where I sit to knit, crochet, bind and blog when I’m downstairs. You can see my printer is tucked behind the chair on the right. I could probably squeeze it in one of the other rooms but for now it works right where it is.

This is the room that we converted the fireplace to electric from propane. I didn’t feel comfortable having the kids down here with the other one and we needed to replace what was here anyway so I feel like this is safer. There is a small heating element so it still gives off some warmth too. The door beside the fireplace leads off to the first floor deck.

There is a TV that’s not hooked up yet but I’ll get Chris to set it up with the Roku so the kids can watch movies. When I’m working down here, I listen to my audiobook or music. You can see I’ve got some storage above and beside the TV. I’m still working my way through organizing the photos and Chris has to hang my pictures on these bare walls for me so those are stored up there right now too. The dresser off to the side holds some of my quilting tools and some precuts. There’s space to the left of the TV up against that wall where I put the trundle bed when we pull it out. Everything fits well down here and it’s a comfortable space for me too.


  1. You have a very comfortable looking family room. We have a huge basement family room too, with large double egress windows. We don’t use it much as a family room however unless we have company because my husband uses about 1/3 of it as his office. But it really has been nice when the kids are all home. Of course that hasn’t happened in awhile, but will again at some point I’m sure.

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