That was fast or maybe the blue/gray knit one took so long it just seemed fast but I’ve finished the Linen Stitch blanket. I’m using a pattern from a kit I purchased a while back but you can find a similar blanket at this link.

  • Yarn is Lion Brand Mandala Ombre, colorway is Serene
  • Hook size is I
  • I used 4 skeins and the blanket size is approximately 34 x 47

I’m going to have to look through my projects and Ravelry queue because I don’t have the next one lined up yet. I also don’t know if I’ll get it done but I’m going to start hand stitching one of the bindings down tonight before going to bed.

9 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Mandala Serene is one of the candidates for my vacation travel kit. I love that yarn and would probably do exactly this same stitch. It makes such a comfy fabric.


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