Brick Street Flowers is quilted. This is another of the 3 yard quilts that I’m making with HeartStrings and it’s #6 of 10 to be quilted for July. Pantograph is Halcyon and the Quilt Pattern is from Fabric Cafe.

I have 3 waiting for binding now so I won’t be quilting any more before our trip as I catch up with binding and get packed. Finn will be boarding with the vet here. We’ve only used this practice a couple times but they saw Chesty once and Finn once and I liked them so I’m going to stick with that practice for Finn’s care and probably his boarding although I might give another local boarding kennel a try. Finn makes me a bit nervous because he’s not friendly with other dogs and I’ve always boarded him with the vet because he’s kept separate so maybe I won’t try another kennel … Chesty was much easier and we had a great boarding facility in Minneapolis that he loved going to and they loved him but he got along well with other dogs and was allowed to mingle during the day with supervision and was in his own space at night.


  1. I like both your quilts always good to get projects completed. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family.
    We are lucky we have good boarding facilities 10 minute drive. Love technology as they post web cam and photos so we can see what the k9s are up to while we are away.
    Happy stitching

  2. I remember your showing pictures of Chesty at Doggy Daycare in the early days of my reading your blog. I still remember one photo in particular where Chesty was looking at the webcam (I hope this isn’t a fake memory I’ve made over time, lol!) I hope Finn has a good stay so you can have a worry-free trip.

  3. Beautiful quilt. Please try to find a kennel that has understanding staff. My daughter adopted a wonderful dog who doesn’t like other animals trying to play with his brother. The kennel convinced my daughter to send him to doggie day care first alone and then with the brother. The dog is now accustomed to other dogs. My point being good kennels can fix problems in doggie behavior.

  4. Boy, you are moving right along with those quilts. Boarding dogs has always been a hard thing for me. I hate doing it but sometimes it is just necessary. We used our vet for years for boarding but then things changed, mainly staff. They were no longer as accommodating and didn’t really care if the dogs were happy or not. We have tried a couple of sitters who stay in our home and that turned out to be a nightmare. Now we just stay home or take them with us, which limits where we can go. But at our age now it doesn’t bother me too much. I am a dog lover and I want them to be well taken care of if I leave. Otherwise I worry. It sounds like you will make sure Finn has the best care.

  5. You’re on a roll. Brick Street is definitely a pattern I want to make again. this one with the floral is really pretty!

  6. I cannot imagine our dog (or any of the dogs that we have ever had) mingling with other dogs. Definitely a one dog home.

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