Yep, another one is finished. I haven’t had progress like this in MONTHS! Brick Street Cats is bound. It’s one of the 3 yards quilts we’re doing as a HeartStrings project. Pantograph is Apollo – a new one for me but I really like it so I’ll be using it again.

I’m thinking I’ll probably use this railing to photograph larger quilts and use the swing for the smaller ones … and maybe occasionally get Keith to hold a few up! This deck is just off my sewing room – the two lower windows on the right of the stairs are the ones in my sewing room and I have two doors that lead out to that deck. One in the sewing room and one in the downstairs family room. You can really see the quilting with the way the light shines in this spot. I just have to watch my step … the ground slopes down there and I wouldn’t want another broken ankle!

I’ve already got the binding on the next one and ready to hand sew down tonight and now I think I’ll try to get the Log Cabin Hearts blocks assembled into a top.


  1. Looks like you are getting into your quilting groove. Nice photo like the quilt motif too.

  2. That’s a cute cat quilt. I laughed when I saw it in progress — I had the same fabric once upon a time. I like this brick pattern. I do find that some of the 3 yard quilts are odd sizes. I’m using the book I have as suggestions and make changes based on fabric and intended use.

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