I finished these blocks up a week or two ago and now the top is done. This is the second Log Cabin Hearts quilt I’ve made and Mom cut and appliqued the hearts from her scraps for me. She won’t like this one too much – she likes scrap quilts but prefers them to be a little more controlled. This one will be too wild for her but I’ve got another set of hearts she did on neutral backgrounds so she might like that one better! You can find brief instructions and see the first one I did on my website by clicking the link above.


  1. Love all the crazy & bright colours – anyone with a heart would love this quilt (pun intended) haha

  2. It is very colorful – and very pretty! Both this wilder version and the more controlled version are awesome!

  3. Really like this quilt! So bright and happy looking! It’s nice your gong great guns on finishing up your quilts. It amazes me how fast you get them done!! Take care!

  4. I love this quilt. I have always had this pattern in the back of my mind because I really liked the one that you did way back when you lived in Minneapolis. I really like how this one is so bright and cheerful. I also like how the black stitching around the hearts makes them stand out. I didn’t realize it was blanket stitching until I enlarged the picture. I just love it! Great collaboration between you and your mom. You make a good team!

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