I hand stitched the binding down on the RWB Framed 16 patch quilt last night. I thought it was too busy when I finished the top but now I don’t think it’s bad. I would have added in some tone on tone fabrics if I’d had access to the stash when I was making it but it must look OK because Chris tried to claim it last weekend before it was even bound – it’s not for him! It will be donated to a veteran.

I first made a framed 16 patch from a Craftsy kit several years ago and have always intended to use the idea again. I can’t remember how many strips I used for this version – I had 2 Jelly Rolls and used all of one and part of the second one. I will definitely be using this block again and it can be made with Jelly Roll strips or 2.5 inch strips cut from stash.

This is the smaller one I made from the Craftsy kit and it just used one Jelly Roll. I think these calmer fabrics work a little better overall but I’m not unhappy with the RWB one now that is quilted.


  1. Give it to Chris! It’s OK to give to others but if he really wants it, let him have it. You do more giving than 99% of people.

  2. Totally agree with Hedyhahn – if Chris loves it he should have it as its so rare for the guys in our families to speak up about quilts we make, especially the ones THEY love. We quilters donate most of what we make, so there are always other quilts to give. Love both quilts, but I really favor the red/white/blue one….the combination of various prints and limited use of solids really makes a wonderful quilt. I’ve never made one of these, but now I have to! : )

  3. A person begins to understand that they have way too much fabric when, -I have been wanting to make a quilt like this for months and when I saw the picture of the one you made from a kit, something clicked. I think I have that kit. I just looked where I have stored my kits and it is not there. Will look more later, but perhaps this was a strong suggestion that I do need to make some of those kits. I will do the checker board one first. Thanks for the fun and eye opening-to me-post.

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