Curbside Picnic

Rae seems to want to eat as often as Pop does! Curbside picnic – luckily Gram grabbed our picnic quilt for the car before we left.

6 thoughts on “Curbside Picnic

  1. I just can’t believe how big Rae has gotten. She loves spending time with you, what a wonderful thing! She seems like such a lovely girl and I’m sure her Gram and Pop have a lot to do with that! Enjoy your trip!


  2. Stopping for a home made sandwich is so out of fashion. Everyone head a for the nearest fast food outlet. I love remembering my family’s corned beef and pickle rolls that my mum made and which were washed down with a flask of tea! We one drove for two days from Italy back to Germany after a camping trip where mum and dad ran out of money. Mum fed a family of 6 on a couple of dozen eggs, garlic, butter, and a couple of French bread sticks. I can still taste them and remember the fun we had.


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